The construction of a suit is one of the most important aspects of buying any tailor made product. Here at J. Mikael, we’d go as far as saying it is more important than the fabric and fit. A well-constructed suit can make an ordinary fabric look amazing.

Many who are new to custom tailoring are not familiar with the differences between a hybrid fused, half canvassed or fully canvassed suit. We offer all three options. The canvas is the layer of interlining that can be found between the outer wool fabric and the inner lining of a suit jacket.

In our hybrid fused jackets, both the front panel and lapels of the jacket are fused with the interlining. The chest piece is sewn to the outer wool fabric on the chest area. This allows the jacket to drape naturally over your chest conforming to the shape of your body. Our high tech German fusing machines help us eliminate issues of stiffness or splitting.

Our canvases are a blend of wool and animal hair (horse and camel). The benefit of using both is that their natural fibers can be manipulated by heat and humidity which helps create and retain the shape of a tailor made suit. While durable, they are also lightweight. The horsehair canvas conforms to your body shape the more you wear it. Wool is the main foundational layer of the jacket which provides padding. The chest piece is attached to the wool canvas and padstitched together.

In our fully canvassed suits, the wool is applied throughout the entire jacket from the top of the shoulder down to the hemline. The wool canvas is hand-stitched to the interlining giving the wearer freer range of motion and a garment that has a longer lifespan. Fully canvassed suits are of the highest quality. A lot more hours go into creating this garment which drives the cost higher than our half canvassed suits.