Each of our shirts are meticulously sewn by a single tailor to your exact measurements, ensuring an exceptional fit and comfort. Handmade from finest cotton fabrics, each of our custom shirts is of the finest quality.

High-quality fabrics:

We offer a variety of branded and non-branded 100% cotton fabrics from 1 ply 60’s to 2 ply 140’s from Asia, England, and Italy.

Mother of Pearl buttons:

We favor high-quality Mother of Pearl buttons for their depth of color and shine. Mother of Pearl buttons are also very resilient to the wear and tear caused by visits to the cleaners and heat which causes them to last longer. They are a sure sign of a high quality dress shirt. All of our dress shirts come with complimentary Mother of Pearl buttons.

Pre- Shrunk and easy to iron fabrics:

All of our fabrics are pre-shrunk. This simply means that the usual shrinkage caused by washing and drying will be minimal. We also have a large selection of reduced wrinkling qualities due to special finishing treatments. This doesn’t eliminate wrinkles completely, but greatly reduces them.

Single needle stitched:

Single needle side stitching along the sides of the shirt and bottom of the sleeve are a sign of a high quality dress shirt. Only one line of thread is visible on the outside of the shirt.

Customizable options:

We can make almost every detail your own from collar style, contrast stitching, buttons, cuffs, or the monogram. These important details are inclusive in our price.