J. Mikael Tailored Collection has successfully established itself as one of the leading bespoke clothiers in the DC Metro area. We are committed to handcrafting the finest tailor made suits and shirts with meticulous attention to details. We understand you have a busy schedule and that your time is valuable. That’s why we come to you, providing both style and convenience. We take pride in going beyond simply making custom suits — we create garments that inspire confidence and success.


We are proud of 18 years of family history in the bespoke clothing industry, serving customers who have become friends through decades of dedicated service to their tailoring needs. We will guide you through the process of creating a suit that is cut and created just for you. Our garments are not made for the rack; they are made exclusively for you with your input every step of the way. Each of our garments come with levels of comfort and service.


While primarily known for our bespoke suits, we can do many more of your custom clothing needs. We tailor custom tuxedos, shirts, overcoats, leather jackets, dinner jackets, and more. Our team is comprised of the finest tailors who are trained in their craft. The making of a single suit can involve up to five craftsmen, up to 18 hours of work, and will take days to complete.